Law Students for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia (RRR)

Law Students for Regional, Rural and Remote Australia is a community for networking and information sharing to increase awareness among law students of RRR law and justice issues, to facilitate innovation and solutions. We invite law students enrolled in any law program with a tertiary education institution in Australia.

How it Works

RRR is an LRSJ-based project run by student volunteers interested in justice and career pathways in rural, regional and remote Australia. 

RRR organised several events ranging from panel discussions, events, information sessions and training seminars to hone skills and spur interest for lawyering in the RRR. The panel discussion below was held in October 2020. On our panel we had Joanne van der Plaat (Law Society of NSW co-chair, Rural Issues Committee); Helen McGowan (Halliday Solicitors)l Corina Martin (Aboriginal Family Law Services WA) and Dr Anthony Hopkins (ANU College of Law). 

Getting Involved

Get in touch with us to be a part of LRSJ RRR. If you are interested, drop an email to

RRR Updates

Engaging with the community

We wanted to get a conversation going and we thought it would be good to start with tips/ experiences of placements within RRR firms. Have you had a placement? How did you get that placement? Was it through an internship program? Do you have any tips on how others can obtain placements? What was good about your experience?
Please share with us anything about your own experiences (or lack of)! Visit our Facebook page to share your thoughts and experiences. 

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