Justice Careers

The Justice Careers Project is designed to assist students who wish to use their law career in the pursuit of social justice. We aim to provide students with up-to-date information on justice career opportunities, financial support for those pursuing this path and mentoring from lawyers who have or currently are working in this field. The project ultimately aims to provide career guidance beyond traditional pathways and show students how a law degree can achieve broader social justice.

Justice Careers Live Q&A with Professor Su Harris Rimmer

What we do

The project aims to reposition careers in the social justice sector as a mainstream option for students, exposing them to pathways in the sector to develop the type of familiarity they currently have with private firms and the public sector. This is part of a ‘demystification’ process for students who have a habit of seeing LRSJ as an ‘alternative’ to we do as lawyers, educators and academics. It also feeds into the curriculum review.

There are several parts to this project, including: a complete revision, rebranding and reformatting of the Active Approach to Studying Law guide (planned for 2020 as a Social Justice Careers Manual); a dedicated Justice Careers page on this website for internships, volunteer opportunities, job openings, training programs etc; the opportunity to meet and hear from those working in the sector through regular sessions; better use of the curriculum to expose students to the work of lawyers working in the sector; and the establishment of this student-led Justice Careers project.

Justice careers is initially planning to launch three sub-projects: Careers database- Continually updated database of internship and employment opportunities relating to justice careers. Financial support database- Continually updated database of funding and support resources for students pursuing justice careers. Mentoring program- Program to place interested students in contact with mentors who have worked in the justice careers field. The live Q&A is a part of its mentoring program and manifests its broad vision for the project.

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