Law internships for Credit​

The ANU College of Law internship program is an important avenue for furthering the College’s law reform and social justice ethos. Students can contribute to the work of an organisation of their choice in the sector, conducting research that will support the agency’s work and contribute to the progressive development of the law both in Australia and overseas. Internships are undertaken as courses for which students receive credit to their degree.

College-arranged internships are offered at a variety of Commonwealth and Australian Capital Territory government departments, statutory bodies, community legal centres and other non-government organisations, as well as with ANU College of Law Centres such as the Centre for International and Public Law, and with the LRSJ itself (see below).

Students can also arrange their own internships (‘self-arranged internships‘), creating networks with practitioners and organisations working in a wide range of social justice-related areas.

After completion, students are able to promote and further their research under the umbrella of the LRSJ, using it as a springboard to start new projects or publish their findings.

To discuss possible internships with the LRSJ, please contact Matthew Zagor, Director of the LRSJ Program.

The LRSJ Internships

The LRSJ Program at the ANU College of Law takes in two student interns each semester as part of the course LAWS4230: Law Internship.

LRSJ interns conduct research into topical issues in areas of law and social justice, adding to the knowledge base of the Program and enhancing the resources provided through the Program’s website.

Areas of research could include:

  • Poverty
  • Discrimination and human rights
  • Access to justice
  • Concerns of the elderly, migrants and refugees, indigenous peoples and/or other disadvantaged groups.
  • The social justice challenges of the response to COVID-19
  • Social justice and law reform in legal education