COVID-19 and the Rule of Law

The COVID-19 and the Rule of Law project involves students from the LRSJ program working in student-driven research groups focused on various aspects of the response to the global pandemic – from the growth of executive and police powers and the suspension of parliament to the discriminatory impact of new rules and policies and the ramifications for the criminal justice system and access to justice of vulnerable communities.

The project aims to contribute to public debates about ensuring our responses to the pandemic are consistent with the principles and values underpinning social justice and the rule of law in Australia, as well as Australia’s international obligations.

Canberra BLM Protests, Photo credits - Andrew Ray

What we are doing

LRSJ COVID-19 and the Rule of Law is an initiative by the Law Reform and Social Justice of ANU College of Law. Launched in March 2020, this project features latest and updated research on COVID-19 and related issues on a legal perspective.

To date, most of the work is being published as blogs posts. These are authored by law students, and reviewed by academics before being made public. For more information about the project and access to all the posts, check out our blog.

This project has active twenty one members researching and writing on themes related to the pandemic, its effects on the law and its impact on the community. The thematic subgroups aim to produce blogposts, law reform submissions and podcasts. The LRSJ COVID-19 and the Rule of Law blog has been very active over the past several months on a variety of issues impacting Australia and the world.

Getting Involved

To get involved, email us at or join the Facebook group linked below.

COVID-19 and the Rule of Law Updates

Visit our blog to find latest research and opinion pieces on COVID-19 related themes and topics.

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