Research Hub Training Session

This training session is aiming students who are members of the LRSJ Research Hub and currently drafting research submission. The session will cover the following;

  • Why we write submissions, the purpose of parliamentary inquiries and how they feed into the broader context of law reform/ drafting/ amending legislation/ holding the executive to account etc.
  • What resources are useful to use as a starting point in research? Are there any specific organisations, websites, resources 
  • The style/ tone of voice that is most appropriate for submissions. Examples of language to use that is sharp, concise and persuasive.
  • The structure and form of the submission eg including an Executive Summary, clear recommendations, and how it differs from a research paper

The event is finished.


16 Apr 2020 - 16 Oct 2020


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


  • Associate Professor Matthew Zagor
    Associate Professor Matthew Zagor
    Associate Professor, Director of Law Reform and Social Justice

    Associate Professor Matthew Zagor has 20 years’ experience as a human rights advocate, practitioner and scholar. His research is characterised by its transdisciplinary approach and diversity, with recent publications covering comparative constitutional law, the legal ‘recognition’ of refugee narrative identities, the ‘humanity’ turn of international law, and perspectives of legality amongst Israeli soldiers. His current research applies theories of political theology to the legal construction of the border, and the Australian judiciary’s approach to human rights treaty obligations.

    Matthew’s most recent research considers how liberal notions of autonomy, authenticity and redemption inform legal and political constructions of the refugee. His current project uses these concepts to explore state sovereignty and border control.

    Before joining academia, Matthew worked in community law, the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department, and as a Member on the Migration / Refugee Review Tribunal. He remains actively involved in law reform and public policy, making regular submissions to Parliamentary inquiries, commenting publicly on refugee policy, and sitting on the Advisory Committee of the ALRC’s Freedoms Inquiry.

    Matthew is an Adjunct Fellow at the ANU Centre for European Studies, and Editor of the Australian Yearbook of International Law. He has held Visiting Fellowships at the LSE Centre for Human Rights and Society and the University of Grenoble’s Centre for International Security and European Cooperation, and in 2013 participated in the prestigious Michigan Colloquium on Challenges in International Refugee Law. Matthew speaks regularly on refugee-related matters in Australia and overseas.

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